Nikon CoolPix L14 Digital Camera Review

nikon coolpix l14

Digital camera customers are usually around the looking for exciting new attributes. The Nikon CoolPix L14 was developed to provide clients what they want. This 7.1-megapixel camera comes complete with small extras that set it aside from the competitors. Together with its low cost and Simple Automatic mode, the Nikon CoolPix L14 ‘s hard to beat for value and comfort.

Customers can begin the digital camera in Simple Automatic mode and start taking photos instantly without needing to be concerned about settings. For much more sophisticated photography lovers, the Nikon CoolPix L14 provides fifteen scene and Five video modes to function with. There’s a setting for each scenario. And having the highest ISO of 1000, the Nikon CoolPix L14 precisely measures ambient lighting levels and changes as well accordingly.

The Nikon CoolPix L14 furthermore attributes a choice of new features that customers are sure to rave about. Initial will be the Face-priority AF. This function automatically finds, then is targeted on people’s faces, producing crisp, clear photos with life-like facial particulars. Gone would be the events of unclear faces. Face-priority AF guarantees that you could identify the individuals you directly photographed.

An additional helpful function will be the capability to eliminate the dreadful “red eye” from pictures utilizing only the camera. On board red-eye removing is handy for people who do not have image editing software program close by, or who just wish to repair the photos with out it. Also, the Nikon CoolPix L14 includes D-Lighting. This unique photo correction function may be utilized to enhance the color and contrast in underexposed pictures. In the event you took a shot with an excessive amount of backlighting, this feature may also assist to the right the image. It functions by using detail to locations exactly where they’re required but leaving behind well-exposed locations alone.

For your younger generation, the Nikon CoolPix L14 also includes quit motion animated capacity. Customers will take many photos from the same topic in slightly various positions, then chain the photos with each other to create an enjoyable animated film.

Beyond its excellent picture-taking capability, the Nikon CoolPix L14 also stands out within the region of battery efficiency. Nikon features that customers can take as much as 1,000 pictures before draining the battery power. Customers happen to be in a position to get 600-1,000 shots utilizing lithium batteries. With alkaline batteries, the digital camera can take about 440 photos. Nonetheless, that is extremely significant to get a digital camera within the inexpensive cost variety.

This is also a fashionable small camera having a sleek physique which comes in blue, pink, black, and silver. It could be utilized for daily photography with out cramping your style. It appears having a 3x optical zoom along with a generous 23MB of on board memory space.

In the event you take plenty of individuals photos, this is the digital camera for you. The Nikon CoolPix L14 has every thing you have to take life-like pictures of family members and buddies. It retails for approximately $160.

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