Repairing “Memory Card Error” Information in Pentax Optio S40

Pentax Optio S40

Pentax Optio S40 is a 4-megapixel camera that provides numerous attributes such as thoughtful style, higher mobility, user-friendly functioning, and performance personalization. The digital camera utilizes SD or MMC to shop all of the multimedia system files taken with this digital camera. Problem or harm over these electronic media cards is a typical issue encountered by the majority of the photographers. The primary results of a memory card problem are inaccessibility of information stored on the memory card. To stop the hazards produced following memory card harm, the majority of photographers preserve an adequate backup of their information (ideally in other storage devices media). Nevertheless, the possibilities of photography enthusiasts forgetting to make a valid backup or another storage devices media obtaining corrupted usually exist. In such instances, the information from the damaged media card may be recovered by utilizing sophisticated Photo Recovery Software program.

Think about a sensitive situation, exactly where you had been taking pictures out of your Pentax Optio S40 camera. The digital camera turns off suddenly because of empty battery and also you obtain the beneath error message, the following time you turn around the camera and try to view all of the photos:

“Memory Card Error”

Following the error mentioned above message shows up, the information saved within the storage device becomes inaccessible. The same error message appears each time you try to watch the records saved within the database.


The root trigger to the above error information is the corruption of storage device because of improper shutdown from the camera.


To solve these error information, you’ll need to data format the card within the camera utilizing beneath actions:

  1. Around the Set-up menu, choose Format.
  2. Press the four approach controller to select Format.
  3. Press OK to start the formatting procedure.

As soon as the formatting process is completed, the error message doesn’t show up. But, format system also deletes all of the previously stored information around the storage device. To recuperate that formatted information, you’ll need to make use of strong Photo Recovery Software program. These programs can extensively Recover Deleted Pictures by employing robust scanning techniques.

Excellent Phoenix Photograph Recuperation is a potent third-party tool that recuperates the highest information following any information loss situation. The handy user documentation that comes together with the software program enables the photography lovers to Recover Deleted Pictures effortlessly. The study only software program works with Macintosh and Windows computer operating systems.

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