Will Be The Pentax K1000 Truly The Very Best Student Camera?

Pentax K1000

Pentax K1000 overview

The Pentax K1000 has been around since 1976 and stayed being produced till 1997. Approximately 3 million (plus) units had been sold. Creation moved from Japan to Hong Kong in 1978, and after that to China in 1990. To help keep labor expenses low, the Chinese digital cameras had been produced utilizing numerous less expensive elements. Chinese K1000s may be recognized from the absence from the “Asahi” brand and logo design around the pentaprism handle. The non-Asahi digital cameras are very best avoided.

Package having a K1000 is a manual camera having a micro-prism spot focusing help. Exposure manage is determined by way of a battery-powered necessary light meter which uses a clear aperture, center-the-needle method. Shutter speeds variety from 1 to 1/1000th seconds, together with Bulb along with a flash X-sync at 1/60th second.

The K1000 allows all manual concentrate lenses using the Pentax K bayonet mount (launched in 1975), and K-A mount (released in 1983), and great any upcoming K lenses having a separate aperture ring. Additionally, you will find an enormous quantity of independently produced Pentax-compatible lenses accessible.

The next is a list of other manufacturers’ manual 35mm SLR digital cameras with equivalent requirements, that are accessible, and usually much less costly. In simple terms, these digital cameras are wholly guided, with open aperture metering, along with a shutter speed variety from 1 to 1/000th seconds. In numerous situations, the option cameras have extra attributes, along with a greater specification. This list isn’t exhaustive.


The FTb has nearly identical attributes but also for partial metering (a region equivalent to 12% from the center of the viewfinder). Additionally, is featured a self-timer and reflection lock-up. The FTb-N digital camera added a viewfinder shutter velocity indicator. The lenses support is Canon’s FD bayonet installing.


The ST705 and ST705w surpassed the requirements from the K1000, and advantage from a quicker, much more sensitive silicon photo-cell metering method, a lighter viewfinder using the inclusion of a split-image rangefinder, a leading speed of 1/1500th sec, self – minuter and dark – of – field examine. It’s also smaller sized and lighter.

The ST801 looks like the ST705/w but additionally attributes a leading rate of the 1/2000th sec, and viewfinder goes with LED kind light metering info, instead of a needle suggestion.

The lenses mount Fujica’s alternative around the M42 screw installing and demands auto-Fujinon lens for open aperture metering.


The SR-T101 (and it is SR successors) is likewise specified towards the K1000, but has the extra advantage of matrix metering, that is briefly a method utilizing two individual measurement cells, situated at various components from the pentaprism, and which measures the lighting falling on different parts of the viewfinder screen to supply a reading that requires under the contrast inside a scene. Additionally, it attributes a viewer shown shutter speed, mirror lock-up, depth of field preview, and self-timer. The Lens mount is a Minolta “MC” (meter coupled) bayonet.


The KM will be the same as K1000 in all aspects, other than its advantages in the extra attributes of self – minuter and deep – of – field examine.

The Spotmatic F was the precursor towards the KM, and is comparable in all aspects except the lenses support is an M42 screw installing, needing SMC Takumar lens or other manufacturers’ counterparts.


Praktica created a confusing quantity of digital cameras with somewhat various requirements, but I think the nearest counterpart towards the K1000 was the LLC. Let us make use of the M42 screw support.


The FX-2, FX-3/FX-7, and FX-3/FX-7 super all match the K1000 account, using the following designs employing LED viewfinder shows in a location of the match-needle. Such as Fujicas, metering is by way of a quicker and much more delicate silicone photo-cell. These digital cameras possess a track record of reliability. Their robust metal framework with plastic materials covering tends to make them lighter and smaller sized compared to K1000. The lenses support is a Contax/Yashica bayonet.

Some other Yashica options consist of the Contax cloned FR and FX-1, using their electronically managed window shutters, and viewfinder aperture and shutter quickness show; but these models aren’t extremely typical.

Conclusions: The urgent appeal from the K1000 lays not a lot within the camera physique, nevertheless its lens support method and consequent simple lens availability. That’s not to say that the cost/accessibility of other lens devices is difficult; they can just occasionally take a bit much more work to locate.

Outside aperture metering used by the K1000 isn’t an important function: it is just a good to take advantage of. Stop-down metering cameras (I..e. the lens aperture requirements to become closed while a light reading is produced) are equally appropriate for individuals or any other customers. Certainly, the majority of the option cameras mentioned will also be able to stop-down metering.

Whenever stop-down metering digital camera bodies are also regarded as options towards the K1000, a list of appropriate candidates gets even bigger. Greater than that, many stop-down metering digital cameras date with a previous time when the usage of standard M42 screw support lens was installing was prevalent.

When it comes to lens style, older lenses tend heavier and much less compact. The other hand is the fact that newer lenses may be far much less robust, because of their reliance upon flexible elements.

Finally, I am not a massive fan from the K1000 since it is so fundamental, and if I had been searching for a camera that fulfilled the specifications of the research, the K1000 could reasonably detail my listing of options. When related expenses are considered, I discover it absurd that the K1000 are available for twice the costs of the worthy stable-mate, the KM.

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